Kill Hannah - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Kill Hannah was an American rock band formed in 1993 in Chicago, Illinois. Members include; Mat Devine, Jonathan Radtke, Dan Wiese, Greg Corner, Elias Mallin, Garrett Hammond, Allen Morgenstern, Daniel Wenberg, Michael Lee, Isaac Bender, James Connelly, Kerry Finerty Michael Maddox. Discography includes; The Beauty in Sinking Ships, Here Are the Young Moderns, American JEt Set, For NEver & Ever, Until There's Nothing Left of US, Hope for the Hopeless, Wake up the sleepers. Tours include; at Minx Entertainment Complex, Cursing In Braille Tour, European Tour With Aiden, headliners, Hope for the Hopeless, Justice & Mercy, Kill Hannah Headline, New Heart For Christmas, New Heart For Christmas 8, New Heart For Christmas 9, Spellbound Tour, The Rock 'n' Roll Party Tour, Wake Up The Sleepers, Wake Up The Sleepers UK Tour.