Knights Of The Abyss - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Knights Of The Abyss is an American deathcore band from Glendale, Arizona, United States, formed in 2005. Members have included Nick Florence, Brian McNulty, Logan Paul "Harley Magnum" Kavanaugh, Jeff Scripek, Cody Brechtel, Pete, J.M. Campbell, Andy Rysdam, Sean Roy,.... Show More Phil Noriega, John Seabury, Mike Mannheimer, Aaron Stone, Dustin Hadlock, Peter Ridegway, Griffin " The Father" Kolinski, Ben Harclerode, James Gillespie and Mark Brice. Discography includes: Juggernaut (2007), Shades (2008) and The Culling of Wolves (2010). Tours include: None. Show Less