Krisiun - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Krisiun is a Brazilian death metal band formed 1990. Members include; Alex Camargo, Moyses Kolesne, Max Kolesne, Altemir Souza, Mauricio Nogueira. Discography includes; 1995 - Black Force Domain, 1998 - Apocalyptic Revelation, 2000 - Conquerors of Armageddon, 2001 - Ageless Venomous, 2003 - Works of Carnage, 2004 - Bloodshed, 2006 - AssassiNation, 2008 - Southern Storm, 2011 - The Great Execution, 2015 - Forged in Fury. Tours include; 25 Years of Total Destruction Tour (North American Leg), Ageless Venomous, Anti Christmas 2001, Asian Tour 2017, Assassination Brazilian Tour, Black Force Domain Tour 1997, Conquerors of Armageddon, Conquerors of the World Tour, Conquerors of the World Tour 2012, Devastation on the Nation Tour, European Summer Tour 2013, Latin America Tour 2017, Masters of Chaos, N/A, North American Kairos Tour 2012, Northern Assassination Tour 2007, Shadows Over Europe Tour 2016, Sound of Extreme Tour, Sounds Of Extreme Tour 2012, Sounds of the Extreme 2012, Southern Storm, Spread the venom tour 2011, Spread The Venom World Tour, Spring Europe Tour 2016, the conquerors of the world tour, The Great Execution European Tour 2014, The Great Execution Tour, The Summer Slaughter Tour 2016, Those Whom the Gods Detest Tour, Works of Carnage, X-Mas Festivals 1999.