Loudness - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Loudness is a Japanese heavy metal band formed in 1981. Members include; Akira Takasaki, Masayoshi Yamashita, Minoru Niihara, Masayuki Suzuki, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Mike Vescera, Masaki Yamada, Taiji Sawada, Hirotsugu Homma, Naoto Shibata, Munetaka Higuchi. Discography includes; vThe Birthday Eve (1981), Devil Soldier (1982), The Law of Devil's Land (1983), Disillusion (1984), Disillusion (1984), Thunder in the East (1985), Shadows of War (1986), Lightning Strikes (1986), Hurricane Eyes (1987), Hurricane Eyes (1987) - Japanese Version, Soldier of Fortune (1989), On the Prowl (1991), Loudness (1992), Heavy Metal Hippies (1994), Ghetto Machine (1997), Dragon (1998), Engine (1999), Spiritual Canoe (2001), Pandemonium (2001), Biosphere (2002), Terror (2004), Racing (2004), Breaking the Taboo (2006), Metal Mad (2008), The Everlasting (2009), King of Pain (2010), Eve to Dawn (2011), 2012 (2012), The Sun Will Rise Again (2014), Rise to Glory (2018)Tours include; 20th Anniversary Pandemonium Tour, 35th Anniversary Year "SHOCKING DEVIL'S LAND" Tour in Europe, 35th Anniversary Year Special Live "SAMSARA FLIGHT", 35th Anniversary Year Special Live FAN'S BEST SELECTION ~We are the LOUDNESS~, 5th ANNIVERSARY 8186 EUROPE TOUR, Akira Takasaki 52nd Birthday Party, Classic Loudness Live 2009 The Birthday Eve - Disillusion, Classic Loudness Live 2009 The Birthday Eve - Disillusion Chapter 2, Classic Loudness Live 2009 Thunder In The East, Classic Loudness Series Hurricane Eyes Tour 2013, CLASSIC LOUDNESS WORLD TOUR LIGHTNING STRIKES 2010 IN JAPAN, CLUB GIG '95 BAD TASTE tour, CLUB GIG BAD TASTE, Cozy Powell Forever Tour, Devil Tradition Japan Tour '82, Earthshaker X Loudness, Europe Tour 2010, Europe Tour 2015, FC Event in Izu, FC Limited Live & Meeting 2010 Final, FC Limited Live & Meeting 2012, Ghetto Machine Promotional Tour, Japan Invasion Tour ~ Shock Night with Loudness Japan Tour, Japan Tour "Hurricane Eyes", JAPAN Tour 2017 "LIGHTNING STRIKES" 30th Anniversary 8117, Live in Seoul, Live Shocks 2008, Live Shocks World Circuit 2007 Chapter 2, Live Terror 2004, LOUD FEST 2003, Loudn'Fest Vol.1, Loudness "Shikoku Camp", Loudness 25th Anniversary "Loudness Live Rockshocks 2006", Loudness 30th Anniversary US TOUR 2011, LOUDNESS 30th ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR FOOTAGE AND GIG AT CABARET, LOUDNESS 30th Anniversary Would Tour in JAPAN HANG TOUGH JAPAN!, Loudness 35th Anniversary "Shikoku Camp 2", LOUDNESS 35th Anniversary Year Special Live "SHOCKING DEVIL'S LAND", LOUDNESS Asia Circuit 2011, LOUDNESS Club Circuit 2012 TOUR, LOUDNESS CLUB CIRCUIT with ANNIHILATOR "HEAVEN OF HEAVINESS", LOUDNESS CLUB GIG'98 DRAGON, LOUDNESS EUROPEAN Tour 2017 "LIGHTNING STRIKES" 30th Anniversary, Loudness FC Limited Live & Meeting 2011, Loudness FC Limited Live & Meeting 2013, Loudness FC Travel, LOUDNESS JAPAN CIRCUIT ETERNALWAY, LOUDNESS LIVE 2005 prelude to the global ROCKSHOCKS, LOUDNESS LIVE BIOSPHERE, LOUDNESS Live in AKASAKA, Loudness Live in Seoul, LOUDNESS LIVE ROCK SHOCKS 2004, LOUDNESS LIVESHOCKS world circuit 2006 chapter1, LOUDNESS SUMMER JAPAN TOUR ’88, LOUDNESS WORLD CIRCUIT '85 CHAPTER I, LOUDNESS WORLD CIRCUIT '85 CHAPTER Ⅱ "THUNDER IN THE EAST", LOUDNESS WORLD CIRCUIT '86 CHAPTER III, LOUDNESS WORLD TOUR 2015 "THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN" ~30th Anniversary Thunder in the East~ in JAPAN, Loudness/Stryper Tour '87, LOUDxOUT FEST The Tour 2017, Metal Mad Quattro Circuit, Munetaka Higuchi 54th Birthday Party, Munetaka Higuchi 55th Birthday Party, ON THE PROWL WORLD TOUR 1991 10th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL LIVE, Once and for All, One Night Premium Show ONCE AND FOR ALL 2014.6.6, Peace Maker 2008, Rising Dragon Euro Tour "99", Shadows of War, Single Collection Tour 2012, Slaughterhouse 2 ~Love Never Dies~, Slaughterhouse 2 ~Powerstorm~, SORROWFUL NIGHT, South America Tour 2013, South Korea Tour 2010, Special Limited Live 2010, Tera-Picasso Nepal Exhibit 2008 "Aliens and Design", THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY ON THE PROWL TOUR, The Birthday Eve, The Decade In Loudness -Best selection 2003-2012-, THE END OF CENTURY TOUR '83, THE END OF CENTURY TOUR '83 -Overseas Leg-, THE ROAD TO THE NEXT STAGE - Eve to Dawn -, The SOLDIERS just came back 2001, Thunder in the East 30th Anniversary U.S. Tour, Thunder in the East Tour in the West 1985, US Tour 2013, Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, WORLD TOUR 2014 ″THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN″, WORLD TOUR IN JAPAN SEX UP!.