Lydia - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Lydia is an indie rock band from Gilbert, Arizona, formed in 2003. Members include; Leighton Antelman, Matt Keller, Justin Camacho, Shawn Strader, Evan Chapman, Dustin Forsgren, Maria Sais De Sicilia, Loren Brinton, Evan Arambul, Ethan Koozer, Jed Dunning, Mindy White, Steve McGraw, Craig Taylor. Discography includes; This December; It's One More and I'm Free (2005), Illuminate (2008), Assailants (2010), Paint It Golden (2011), Devil (2013), Run Wild (2015). Tours include; Dear Hunter/Lydia/You, Me & Everyone We Know, Eye Alaska, Devil, Fall 2016, Illuminate, Run Wild, The Lydia Finale: A Goodbye & Farewell Tour.