Mentors - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Mentors are an American heavy metal band, noted for their deliberately sexist shock rock lyrics. Members include; Eric Carlson, Steve Broy, Cousin Fister, John Christopher, Eldon Hoke, Jeff Dahl, Chris Jacobson, Mike Dewey, Ed Danky, Zippy, Clark Savage, Sickie J, El Rapo, Mad Dog. Discography includes; You Axed for It! (1985, Metal Blade/Death Records), Up the Dose (1986, Metal Blade/Death Records), Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll (1989, Ever Rat Records), Rock Bible (1990, Mentor Records), To The Max (1991, Mentor Records), Houses of the Horny (1994, Mentor Records), Over The Top (2005, Mentor Records), Ducefixion (2009, Mentor Records), The Illuminaughty (2017, Mentor Records). Tours include; 1978 Tour, 1985 Tour, 1986 Tour, 1987 Tour, 1988 Tour, 1991 Tour, 1994 Tour, 1996 Tour, 2003 Tour, 2007 Tour, 2008 Tour, 2010 Tour, 2011 Tour, 2012 Tour, 2013 Tour, Dirty Rotten Perverts Tour 2014, For Those About To Rape Tour, milwaukee metalfest VI.