Necrophagia - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Necrophagia is an American death metal band. Members have included Frank Pucci, Serge Streltsov, Jake Arnette, Shawn Slusarek, Larry Maddison, Anton Crowley (Philip Anselmo), Wayne Fabra, Jared Faulk, Dustin Havnen, Mirai Kawashima, Frediablo, Opal Enthroned, Undead Torment and Boris Randall. Discography includes: Season of the Dead (1987), Ready For Death (1990), Holocausto de la Morte (1998), The Divine Art of Torture (2003), Harvest Ritual Vol. 1 (2005), Death Trip 69 (2011) and WhiteWorm Cathedral (2014). Tours include: Touring from 1986 � 2017.