Norma Jean - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Norma Jean is an American metalcore band from Douglasville, Georgia formed 1997. Members have included Phillip Farris, Clayton Holyoak, Cory Brandan Putman, Jeff Hickey, John Finnegan, Daniel Davison, Josh Doolittle, Scottie Henry, Josh Scogin, Jake Schultz, Chris Raines, Chris Day, Josh Swofford and Mick Bailey. Discography includes: Throwing Myself (2001), Bless the Martyr (2002) and Kiss the Child, O God (2005), the Aftermath, Redeemer (2006), The Anti Mother (2008), Meridional (2010), Wrongdoers (2013), Polar Similar (2016). Tours include: 2006 Radio Rebellion Tour, Come Together Festival 2007, East Bound & Down, European Summer Tour 2012, Evil Tiger Vulture Tour, Explosion Tour, Explosions II, Fall 2016, Mayhem Fest 2010, Mayhem Festival 2010, Mayhem Festival 2010 (Off-Date), O' God, the Aftermath 10th Anniversary Tour, Ozzfest 2006, Pizza Riot Tour, Radio Rebellion 2006, Revelation Generation, Russian Tour 2009, Scream the Prayer IV, Sick Tour 2, Sounds of the Underground 2005, South by South Death 2013, Spring 2017, Summer Slaughter 2013, Summer Slaughter Tour 2013, System of a Down Live, The Polar Similar Tour 2017, The Summer Slaughter Tour, The Two Headed Monster, The Wrongdoers Tour, The Zero Fun Tour, Thick As Thieves Tour, Two Headed Monster Tour with Emery and Norma Jean, Underoath Tour 2009, Vans Warped Tour 2007, Vans Warped Tour 2008 and Velociraptour.