Norther - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Norther was a Finnish melodic death metal band from Espoo, Finland, formed in 1996. Members have included Kristian "Kride" Ranta, Jukka "Jukkis" Koskinen, Tuomas Planman, Heikki Saari, Aleksi Sihvonen, Daniel Freyberg, Petri Lindroos, Toni Hallio, Roni Korpas, Tuomas "Stubu”, Joakim Ekroos and Sebastian Knight. Discography includes: Dreams of Endless War (2002), Mirror of Madness (2003), Death Unlimited (2004), Till Death Unites Us (2006), N (2008) and Circle Regenerated (2011). Tours include: European Tour 2008, Nortti and Spinetour.