Obituary - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Obituary is an American death metal band formed in October 1984 in Tampa, Florida. The band's current lineup consists of vocalist John Tardy, lead guitarist Kenny Andrews, rhythm guitarist Trevor Peres, bassist Terry Butler, and drummer Donald Tardy. Discography includes: Slowly We Rot (1989), Cause of Death (1990), The End Complete (1992), World Demise (1994), Back from the Dead (1997), Frozen in Time (2005), Xecutioner's Return (2007), Darkest Day (2009), Inked in Blood (2014) and Obituary (2017). Tours include: 2016 North American Tour, Australian Tour, Battle of the Bays European Tour 2016, Brazilian Tour 2009, Brazilian Tour 2014, Campaign for Musical Destruction East European Tour 1992, Carnival of Death, Cause of Death, Complete Control, Darkest Day Tour, Deathcrusher, East Coast Possession Tour, East Coast Redneck Run, European Metal Chainsaw Massacre 2011, European Possession Tour 2012, European Tour 1992, European Tour 2012, European Tour 2014, Frozen In Time, Full of Hate 2009, Full of Hate Easterfestivals, Hammer Battalion Tour, Inked in Blood, Inked in Blood Tour 2015, Rotting Slow in Asia, Rotting Slow in Australia, Rotting Slow In Europe 2012, Rotting Slowly in Europe, SOS Tour, Subliminal Verses World Tour 2005, Summer Tour 2017, Swamp Leper Stomp '14, The Decibel Magazine Tour 2017, The Decibel Magazine Tour 2017 (Off-date), The End Complete, UK / European Tour, World Demise, Xecutioner's Return Tour 2008 and Xecutioner�s Return Tour.