Rage - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Rage is a German heavy metal band, formed in 1984. Members include; Peavy Wagner, Marcos Rodriguez, Vassilios Maniatopoulos. Discography includes; Prayers of Steel (As Avenger) (1985), Reign of Fear (1986), Execution Guaranteed (1987), Perfect Man (1988), Secrets in a Weird World (1989), Reflections of a Shadow (1990), Trapped! (1992), The Missing Link (1993), 10 Years in Rage (1994), Black in Mind (1995), Lingua Mortis (1996), End of All Days (1996), XIII (1998), Ghosts (1999), Welcome to the Other Side (2001), Unity (2002), Soundchaser (2003), Speak of the Dead (2006), Carved in Stone (2008), Strings to a Web (2010), 21 (2012), LMO[8] (2013), The Devil Strikes Again (2016), Seasons of the Black (2017). Tours include; 20th Anniversary Tour, 25 Years Anniversary Tour, 30 Years of Rage - Anniversary Tour, After X-Mas Metal Blast 2007, Black in Mind 20th Anniversary, Black in Mind Tour, Black Sun Unity 2002, Carved In The Road Tour 2008, Christmas Metal Meeting Tour, End of all Days Tour, Europa Tour 2004, Execution Guaranteed Tour, Extended Power Tour, From The Cradle To The Stage - 20th Anniversary, Ghosts Alive - Tour 1999, Melodic Metal Strikes Back, Metal Firestorm 2012, Metal Firestorm Russia 2007, Metal Firestorm Russia 2012, Missing Link Tour, Pleasure to Kill, Power, Prog & Metal PPM Fest, Reflections of a Shadow Tour, Reign of Fear Tour, Russian Tour 2000, Seasons of the Black, Secrets in a Weird World, Speak of the Dead Tour, Strings to a Web Tour 2010, Strings to a Web Tour 2011, Summer Metal Meeting II, Summer Metal Meetings, Symphonic Rage, The Deadly Speed Convoy Tour, The Devil Tours Again, The Devil Tours Again Part 2, Trapped! Tour, Welcome to the Other Side, XIII Tour.