Raven - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Raven are an English heavy metal band associated with the new wave of British heavy metal movement, formed 1974. Members have included John Gallagher, Mark Gallagher, Joe Hasselvander, Paul Bowden, Paul Sherrif, Mike "Mick" Kenworthy, Sean Taylor, Pete Shore and Rob "Wacko" Hunter. Discography includes: Rock Until You Drop (1981), Wiped Out (1982), All for One (1983), Stay Hard (1985), The Pack Is Back (1986), Life's a Bitch (1987), Nothing Exceeds Like Excess (1988), Architect of Fear (1991), Glow (1994), Everything Louder (1997), One for All (2000), Walk Through Fire (2009) and ExtermiNation (2015). Tours include: 35th Anniversary Tour, 40th Anniversary Tour, British Classic Tour 2013, Destroy All Monsters Japan Tour, Destroy All Monsters Tour 2015, Excess All Over, Extermination European Tour 2015, Kill 'Em All for One, March Metal Meltdown I, One for All, Rise of the Inferno Tour 2013, Rock Until You Drop, Stay Hard, Survive, The Pack Is Back, USA EMP Tour 2017, Walk Through Fire Tour and Wiped Out.