Rosetta - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Rosetta is an American post-metal band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania incorporating elements of post-hardcore, shoegazing, drone, post-rock. Members include; Michael Armine, David Grossman, Bruce McMurtrie Jr., J. Matthew Weed, Eric Jernigan. Discography includes; The Galilean Satellites (Translation Loss, 2005), Wake/Lift (Translation Loss, 2007), A Determinism of Morality (Translation Loss, 2010), The Anaesthete (self released, 2013), Quintessential Ephemera (self released, 2015), Utopioid (self released, 2017). Tours include; A Determinism of Australia 2012, European Tour 2012, Rosetta, Architect, Rosetta, City of Ships, Bindead, Spiral Shadow Winter Tour 2011.