Rusted Root - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Rusted Root is an American band formed in 1990 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Members include; Michael Glabicki, Bobby Schneck Jr., Liz Berlin, Zil Fessler, Dirk Miller, Jim DiSpirito, Jim Donovan, Jenn Wertz, John Buynak, Ethan Winograd, Preach Freedom, Colter Harper, Jason Miller, Nery Arevalo, Cory Caruso, Patrick Norman. Discography includes; Cruel Sun (1992), When I Woke (1994), Remember (1996), Rusted Root (1998), Welcome to My Party (2002), Stereo Rodeo (2009), The Movement (2012). Tours include; Beale Street Music Fest, Fortunate Freaks 2012, Furthur '98, Furthur Festival 1998, H.O.R.D.E. Festival 1994, H.O.R.D.E. Festival 1996, Remember, So Many Roads, When I Woke.