Samael - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Samael is a Swiss symphonic black/industrial metal band formed in 1987 in Sion, Switzerland. Members include; Vorph, Xy, Drop, Makro, Pat Charvet, Rodolphe H, Kaos, Mas. Discography includes; Worship Him, Blood Ritual, Ceremony of Opposites, Passage, Eternal, Reign of Light, Era One, Solar Soul, Above, Lux Mundi, Hegemony. Tours include; 1st Annual AZ MetalFest, 25 Years Of Extreme Metal Anniversary Special Show, Antigod Tour 2010, Blood Ritual, Ceremony of Opposites, Ceremony Of Opposites In Poland, Ceremony of Soulless Sickness, Eastern Crusade, Eternal, Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us Tour, Full Of Hate 1993, Full of Hate Easterfestivals, Into the Darkness Tour, Lux Mundi Europe Tour 2011, Metal Up Your Ass Festival, North American Tour, Slavocracy Tour 2009, Solar Soul, Solar Soul Balkans Tour 2009, Summer Metal Meeting III, The Sun Profaned Festival, Winterfest, winterfest2009.