Saxon - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Saxon are an English heavy metal band formed in 1977, in South Yorkshire. Members have included Biff Byford, Paul Quinn, Nigel Glockler, Nibbs Carter, Doug Scarratt, Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson, Pete Gill, Paul Johnson, Fritz Randow, J�rg Michael and Nigel.... Show More Durham. Discography includes: Saxon (1979), Wheels of Steel (1980), Strong Arm of the Law (1980), Denim and Leather (1981), Power & the Glory (1983), Crusader (1984), Innocence Is No Excuse (1985), Rock the Nations (1986), Destiny (1988), Solid Ball of Rock (1991), Forever Free (1992), Dogs of War (1995), Unleash the Beast (1997), Metalhead (1999), Killing Ground (2001), Lionheart (2004), The Inner Sanctum (2007), Into the Labyrinth (2009), Call to Arms (2011), Sacrifice (2013), Battering Ram (2015) and Thunderbolt (2018). Tours include: 2016 World Tour, 25th Anniversary Of NWOBHM, 30th Anniversary, A Night Out With The Boys, Battalions of Steel - 30th Anniversary Tour, Battalions of Steel World Tour 2009, Battalions of Steel World Tour Part II, Battering Ram, Bomber, Bombers & Eagles Tour 1992, Call To Arms World Tour 2011, Call To Arms World Tour 2012, Christmas Metal Meeting 1989, Christmas Tour 2003, Denim and Leather, Destiny Tour, Dogs of War, Eagle Has Landed Tour, Epitaph, Forever Free Tour, Heavy Metal Thunder Tour, Inner Sanctum Tour 2007, Inner Sanctum Tour 2008, Innocence Is No Excuse, Into The Labyrinth Tour, Killing Ground Tour, Lieder wie Orkane 2, Lieder wie Orkane 3, Lionheart, Metalhead, Metalhead Tour 1999, Power and the Glory, Rock the Nations Tour, Sacrifice and Sin Tour 2013, Sacrifice World Tour 2013, Solid Ball of Rock Tour 1991, Strong Arm of the Law, The Battering Ram Tour 2016, The Battering Ram Tour 2017, The Eagle Has Landed Tour, The Rock 'N' Roll Gypsies Tour 1990, The World Crusade, Unleash The Beast World Tour 1997, Unleash The Beast World Tour 1998, Warriors of the Road World Tour and Wheels of Steel. Show Less