Sebadoh - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Sebadoh is an American indie rock band they were formed in 1988 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Members include; Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein, Bob D'Amico, Eric Gaffney, Bob Fay, Russell Pollard. Discography Includes; The Freed Man (1989), Weed Forestin' (1990), Sebadoh III (1991), Bubble and Scrape (1993), Bakesale (1994), Harmacy (1996), The Sebadoh (1999), Defend Yourself (2013). Tours include; Bakesale, Harmacy, Music Against Brain Degeneration Revue, Remembering Time (Bakesale / Harmacy), Sebadoh Classic, Sebadoh III, The Sebadoh, The Weezer Cruise.