Six Feet Under - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Six Feet Under is an American death metal band from Tampa, Florida, formed in 1993. Members include; Chris Barnes, Jeff Hughell, Marco Pitruzzella, Ray Suhy, Jack Owen, Terry Butler, Greg Gall, Allen West, Steve Swanson, Kevin Talley, Rob Arnold, Ola Englund. Dicsography includes; Haunted (1995), Warpath (1997), Maximum Violence (1999), True Carnage (2001), Bringer of Blood (2003), 13 (2005), Commandment (2007), Death Rituals (2008), Undead (2012), Unborn (2013), Crypt of the Devil (2015), Torment (2017). Tours include; 18 Nights of Blood, 1995 Tour, Christmas In Hell Tour 2012, Crossroads to Armageddon, Easter Tour 2014, Graveyard Classics Tour 2016, Hatefest, Hell In July, Metalfest 2007, Metallenium Tour, No Mercy Festivals 2005, Shadow of the Reaper Tour, Summer Clash 1998, Summer Slaughter 2002, Summer Slaughter 2011, Summer Tour 2014, The Spring Session Festival Tour 2010, The Unnatural Born Killers, Undead Tour 2012, Wake the Night Tour 2011, War Across America Tour, Warpath, X-Mas Festivals 2002, X-Mas in Hell Tour 2015, X-Mas in Hell Tour 2016, Xmas in Hell Tour 2013, XMAS in Hell Tour 2014.