Sons Of Azrael - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Sons of Azrael is an American death metal band from Buffalo, New York, that formed in 2004. Members include; Rob Steinwandel, Karl Kirsch, Alex Chambers, Tony Lorenzo, Joe Siracuse, Derrick Sadkowski, Greg DiPasquale, Cory Kurasz, Vinnie Mai, Tim Partyka, Mark.... Show More Taggart. discography includes; 2-Song Demo (2004), Kill Yourself (Demo, 2004), A Bullet, That Blew The Beauty Off Your Face (Demo, 2005), Ashes to Ashes (Demo, 2006), The Conjuration of Vengeance (CD, Ironclad/Metal Blade, 2007), Scouting the Boneyard (2010). Show Less