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Soulfly is an American heavy metal band formed in 1997 and based in Phoenix, Arizona. Members include; Max Cavalera, Marc Rizzo, Zyon Cavalera, Mike Leon, Lúcio Maia, Logan Mader, Mikey Doling, Marcelo "Cello" Dias, Roy Mayorga, Bobby Burns, Joe Nunez, David Kinkade, Tony Campos. Discography includes; Soulfly (1998), Primitive (2000), 3 (2002), Prophecy (2004), Dark Ages (2005), Conquer (2008), Omen (2010), Enslaved (2012), Savages (2013), Archangel (2015). Tours Include; Supporting Snot (April–May 1998), The Song Remains Insane Tour (May 1998–February 1999), Bring Da Shit Tour (April–August 1999), Ozzfest 2000 (July–September 2000), Primitive Tour (September 2000–June 2001), Supporting Static-X (January–February 2002), Call to Arms Tour (June–July 2002; November 2002–July 2003), Supporting Slayer (August–September 2002), Prophecy Tour (March–October 2004), Disturbing the Peace (February–July 2005), The Dark Ages Tour (October 2005–October 2006), Australian Gigantour (October 2006), The Dark Ages Tour II (April–December 2007), Conquer Tour (August 2008–October 2009), Conquering North American (March–April 2010), Omen Tour (May–December 2011), Enslaved Tour (February–July 2012), Maximum Cavalera Tour (July 2012–August 2013), Savages Tour (October 2013–October 2014).