Suicide Machines - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Suicide Machines are an American punk rock band formed in March 1991 in Detroit, Michigan. Members include; Jason Navarro, Ryan Vandeberghe, Rich Tschirhart, Justin Malek, Jason Brake, Dan Lukacinsky, Stefan Rairigh, Bill Jennings, Derek Grant, Dave Smith, Royce Nunley,.... Show More Erin Pitman. Discography includes; Desitruction by Definition. Battle Hymns, The Suicide Machines, Steal This Record, A Match and Some Gasoline, War Profiterring Is Killing Us All. TOurs include; A Match and Some Gasoline, ANC, Battle Hymns, Battle Hymns Tour, Benefit Show for Drew Podgorski, Destruction by Definition, Everything Sucks Tour, Flint Water Benefit, Michigan Ska Festival, Pouzzafest 2012, Q101 Jamboree 2000, Return Of Saturn Tour, Ska Is Dead Tour, Skapalooza, Steal This Record, The Suicide Machines, VANS "Off The Wall" Music Tour, Vans Warped Tour 1997, Vans Warped Tour 2000, Vans Warped Tour 2003, Vans Warped Tour 2005, Vans Warped Tour 2017, War Profiteering is Killing Us All. Show Less