Swans - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Swans are an American experimental rock band formed in 1982 by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira. Members have included Michael Gira, Norman Westberg, Christoph Hahn, Phil Puleo, Christopher Pravdica, Paul Wallfisch, Dan Braun, Bill Bronson, Harry Crosby, Daniel Galli-Duani, Joe Goldring, Ronaldo Gonzalez, Sue Hanel, Thor Harris, Jarboe, Jonathan Kane, Algis Kizys, Sami Kumpulainen, Mojo, Thurston Moore, Virgil Moorefield, Roli Mosimann, Ivan Nahem, Ted Parsons, Bob Pezzola, Bill Rieflin, Vinnie Signorelli, Clint Steele, Jon Tessler and Jenny Wade. Discography includes: Filth (1983), Cop (1984), Greed (1986), Holy Money (1986), Children of God (1987), The Burning World (1989), White Light from the Mouth of Infinity (1991), Love of Life (1992), The Great Annihilator (1995), Soundtracks for the Blind (1996), My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky (2010), The Seer (2012), To Be Kind (2014) and The Glowing Man (2016). Tours includes: 2010-2011 World Tour, 2013 World Tour, 2014-2015 World Tour, Children Of God Tour, Greed/Holy Money Tour, Love Of Life Tour, Love Will Tear Us Apart Tour, Swans Are Dead, The Burning World Tour, The Glowing Man, The Great Annihilator and The Seer.