Sworn Enemy - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Sworn Enemy is an American metal band from New York City, United States, formed in 1997. Members have included Sal Lococo, Matt Garzilli, Mike Pucciarelli, Jeff Cummings, Taykwuan Jackson, Lorenzo Antonucci, Mike Raffinello, Mike Couls, Shawn "Tootsie" Cox, Danny Lamagna, Mike Palmer, Jimmy Sagos, Paul Antignai, Jerad "JRad" Buckwalter, Timmy Mycek, Paul Wallmaker, Zoli and sid caballero and Elliott "'Mightyman" Flignor. Discography includes: Demo (1998), State Of Mind 7"(1998), New Found Hope II - The First Amendment (compilation appearance) (1997), Negative Outlook (2001), Integrity Defines Strength (2002), As Real as It Gets (2003), Internet Promo (2005), The Beginning of the End (2006), Maniacal (2008), Total World Domination (2009) and Living on Borrowed Time (2014). Tours include: As Real as It Gets, Hell On Earth, Jägermeister Music Tour (Fall 2003), Jägermeister Music Tour (Spring 2004), Metal for Fairness, Ozzfest 2003, Ozzfest 2003 (Off-Date), Persistence Tour 2007, Subliminal Verses World Tour 2005, Trendkilla and Winter Warpath.