Tesla - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Tesla is an American heavy metal band formed in Sacramento, California in late 1981. Members have included Jeff Keith, Frank Hannon, Brian Wheat, Troy Luccketta, Dave Rude and Tommy Skeoch. Discography includes: Mechanical Resonance (1986), The Great Radio Controversy (1989), Psychotic Supper (1991), Bust a Nut (1994), Into the Now (2004), Forever More (2008), Twisted Wires (2011) and Simplicity (2014). Tours include: 2015 North American Tour, 2016 North American Tour, 30th Anniversary Tour, Acoustic Tour 2002, Bust a Nut, Electric Summer Jam 2006 Tour, Final Sting World Tour, Five Man Acoustical Jam 2005 Tour, Five Man Acoustical Jam Tour, Forever More Across America Tour, Forever More Across Europe Tour, Forever More Tour, Into the Now Tour, Lazy Days, Crazy Nights 2013 Tour, Mechanical Resonance, Psychotic Supper World Tour, Real to Reel World Tour, RePlugged Reunion Tour, Rock Never Stops 2002 Tour, Simplicity, Summer Tour 2012, The Great Radio Controversy and Twisted Wires Acoustic Tour.