Tossers - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Tossers are a six-piece Celtic punk band from Chicago, Illinois formed in July 1993. Members include; T. Duggins, Peter Muschong, Emily Constantinou, Aaron Duggins, Mike Pawula, Bones, Clay Hansen, Jason Loveall, Brian Dwyer, Lynn Bower, Nate Van Allen, Dan Shaw, Rebecca Manthe. Discography includes; The Pint of No Return (1994), We'll Never Be Sober Again (1996), The Tossers/The Arrivals (split single) (1998), Long Dim Road (2000), Citizen Fish/The Tossers (split single) (2001), The First League Out From Land (EP) (2001), Communication & Conviction: Last Seven Years (2001), Purgatory (2003), Live at The Metro 18 November (2004), The Valley of the Shadow of Death (2005), Agony (2007), Gloatin' and Showboatin': Live on St. Patrick's Day (CD/DVD) (2008), On a Fine Spring Evening (2008), The Emerald City (2013), Smash the Windows (2017). Tours include; 2001-2016.