Triumph - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Triumph is a Canadian hard rock band that was popular in the late 1970s and the 1980s which began building its reputation and success as a live band. Members include; Rik Emmet, Gil Moore, Mike Levine, Abel McKnight, Phil X. Discography includes; Triumph (1976), Rock & Roll Machine (1977), Just a Game (1979), Progressions of Power (1980), Allied Forces (1981), Never Surrender (1982), Thunder Seven (1984), The Sport of Kings (1986), Surveillance (1987), Edge of Excess (1993). Tours include; 2008 Reunion, Allied Forces, Edge of Excess, Heavy Metal Holocaust Festival, Just a Game, Never Surrender, Progressions of Power, Progressions of Power UK Tour, Surveillance, The Sport of Kings, Thunder Seven.