Turisas - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Turisas is a Finnish metal band from Hämeenlinna. They were founded in 1997. Members include; Mathias Nygård, Jussi Wickström, Olli Vänskä, Jaakko Jakku, Jesper Anastasiadis. Dsicography Includes; Battle Metal, The Varangian Way, Stand Up and Fight, Turisas2013. Tours include; A Tour to the Unknown , Creatures From The Black Abyss 2011, European Tour 2008, Filth Fest II: The Darkest Tour 2009, Finnish Tour 2013, Guards of Glory - Latin American Tour 2013, Guards of Glory - North American Tour 2013, Heidenfest 2011, Heidenfest 2013, Paganfest 2008 (North America), Paganfest 2012 (North America), Paganfest America 2014, Paganfest European Tour 2015, Paganfest Tour 2015, Stand Up and Fight Tour, Tour 2013, tra Beatdown, Varangian Way Tour, We Ride Together - European Tour 2014, Wicked World Tours.