Tyr - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Tyr is a Faroese folk metal band. Members have included Heri Joensen, Terji Skiben�s, Gunnar H. Thomsen, J�n Joensen, P�l Arni Holm, Allan Streymoy, Ott� P. Arnarson, K�ri Streymoy and Amon Djurhuus. Discography includes: How Far to Asgaard (2002), Eric.... Show More the Red (2003), Ragnarok (2006), Land (2008), By the Light of the Northern Star (2009), The Lay of Thrym (2011) and Valkyrja (2013). Tours include: Black Sails Over Europe, Blodsvept Over Europe, Brothers in Arms, Brothers in Arms Tour 2014, Dead Tyrants Tour, Halo of Blood Over North America 2014, Heroes on Tour, Karkelo Tour, Karkelo World Tour, Manala North American Tour, Manala Tour, Metal Firestorm 2012, New England Metal and Hardcore Festival X, Origins World Tour, Pagan Knights, Paganfest 2008, Paganfest 2008 (North America), Paganfest America Part IV, Russian Tour 2014 and Vinland Raid 2014. Show Less