Vader - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Vader is a Polish death metal band from Olsztyn formed in 1983. Members have included Piotr Wiwczarek, Marek Pajak, Tomasz Halicki and James Stewart. Discography include: The Ultimate Incantation (1992), De Profundis (1995), Black to the Blind (1997), Litany (2000),.... Show More Revelations (2002), The Beast (2004), Impressions in Blood (2006), Necropolis (2009), Welcome to the Morbid Reich (2011), Tibi Et Igni (2014) and The Empire (2016). Tours include: 666 Urodziny, Back to the Black Tour 2012, Back to the Black Tour 2013, Black to the Blind Tour 1997, Blitz! Europe in Fire 2015, Blitzkrieg I, Blitzkrieg II, Blitzkrieg III, Blitzkrieg IV, Blitzkrieg Tour 2014, Blitzkrieg V, Blitzkrieg VI, Blitzkrieg VII 2014, Crushing the North Tour 2017, Death Across America Tour 2000, Death by Decibels, Diabolus on Tour, European Blitzkriegtour 2006, European Carnage Tour 2011, Extreme the Dojo Vol. 17, Extreme the Dojo Vol. 28, Flaming Arts 10th Anniversary Tour, Funeral Nation Tour, Funeral Nation Tour 2010, Hatefest, Imperium Poloniae 2016, Impressions In Blood, InVaders in the North, Killfest 2010, Madly In Anger With the World, Majesty and Decay, Metal Crusaders Tour 2006, Monsters of Death Tour 2009, No Mercy Festival, No Mercy Festival 2001, No Mercy Festivals 2000, No Mercy V, Reign Forever World Tour, Rise of the Empire, Strike of the Empire U.S. Tour 2017, Summer Campaign 2011, Summer Slaughter 2008, Summer Tour 2012, The Beast, The Empire Strikes the States Tour 1997, The Sign of Hell Tour 2011, The Ultimate Incantation, The World Devastation Tour 2007, Transsiberian Blitz Tour 2015, Transsiberian Blitz Tour 2016, Unholy Titans 2010, Winterfest, Winterfest 2009, World Domination Tour, X-Mas Festivals 2004, XXV. Anniversary Tour and Zanim Nastala Era Chaosu. Show Less