Vibrators - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Vibrators are a British punk rock band that formed in 1976. Members have included Darrell Bath, Pete Honkamaki, John �Eddie� Edwards, Ian Carnochan (Knox), Nigel Bennett, Pat Collier, John Ellis, Gary Tibbs, Dave Birch, Don Snow, Ben Brierly, Greg van Cook, Kip, Ian Woodcock, Phil Ram, Adrian Wyatt, Noel Thompson, Mickie Owen, Mark Duncan, Darrell Bath, Nick Peckham and Robbie Tart. Discography includes: Pure Mania (1977), V2 (1978), Guilty (1982), Alaska 127 (1984), Fifth Amendment (1985), Recharged (1988), Meltdown (1988), Vicious Circle (1989), Volume 10 (1990), Hunting For You (1994), French Lessons With Correction (1997), Buzzin' (1999), Noise Boys (2000), Energize (2002), Punk: The Early Years (2006), Garage Punk (2009), Pure Punk (2009), Under The Radar (2009), On The Guest List (2013) and "Punk Mania: Return To the Roots� (2014). Tours include: 40th Anniversary, The Damned R'N'R Party Vol. 11 and Wakey Punx Sunday Service.