Vreid - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Vreid is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 2004 after the breakup of Windir following the death of lead singer and founder Valfar. Members include; Hváll, Steingrim, Sture, Strom, ese. Discography includes; Kraft (2004), Pitch Black Brigade (2006), I Krig (2007), Milorg (2009), V (2011), Welcome Farewell (2013), Sólverv (2015). Tours include; 2013 North Amreican Tour, A Skogstur in Central Europe, Fire walk with me, Fire walk with me European Tour vol 2, Fire Walk With Me Vol. I Tour, Heathenfest America 2009, Indie Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Tour, Profane Solstice From The North, Sognametal 20 Years, Sognametal 20th anniversary tour, The Black Path of America Tour, The Black Path Tour, Walpurgis Rites Raid European Headliner Tour 2010.