40 Below Summer - Officially Licensed Merchandise

40 Below Summer is an American alternative metal band from New Jersey, formed in 1998. Members have included Max Illidge, Joey D'Amico, David Mondragon, Derrick Klybish, Anthony Devizio, Peter Savad, Carlos Aguilar, Steve Ferreira, Jordan Plingos, Hector Graziani, Ty Fury, Ryan Jurhs and Ali Nassar. Discography includes: Side Show Freaks (1999), Rain EP (2000), Invitation to the Dance (2001), The Mourning After (2003), The Last Dance (2006), Fire at Zero Gravity (2013) and Transmission Infrared (2015). Tours include: 'Fire At Zero Gravity' 2013 Tour, 'Fire At Zero Gravity' CD Release Show Night#1, 'Fire At Zero Gravity' CD Release Show Night#2, Fall Tour 2004, Fire At Zero Gravity, Invitation To The Dance 2010, J�germeister Music Tour 2002, Kiss of Infamy, The Mourning After and With ill Nino.