Adema - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Adema is a nu metal band from Bakersfield, California. The band formed in 2000. Members include; Mark Chavez, Tim Fluckey, Mike Ransom, Dave DeRoo, Kris Kohls, Luke Caraccioli, Bobby Reeves, Ed Faris, Marc DeLeon. Dsicography includes; Adema (2001), Unstable (2003), Planets (2005), Kill the Headlights (2007). Tours include; Adema, Adema Reunion, Adema Reunion Show, Bad Blood Tour 2012, Countdown to Revolution, Hybrid Theory European Tour, Kill The Headlights Tour, Locofest, Meteora European Tour, Music as a Weapon, Ozzfest 2002, Ozzfest 2002 (Off-Date), Planets, Projekt Revolution 2002, Rise Up Tour, SnoCore 2002, Tantric, Adema, And Burn Halo, Transform to be Unstable Tour, Unstable.