Adolescents - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Adolescents is an American punk rock band formed in Fullerton, California in 1980. Members have included Tony Reflex, Steve Soto, Dan Root, Mike Cambra, Ian Taylor, Frank Agnew, John O'Donovan, Peter Pan, Rikk Agnew, Casey Royer, Pat Smear, Steve Roberts, Alfie Agnew, Sandy Hansen, Dan Colburn, Paul Casey, Derek O'Brien, Frank Agnew, Jr., Joe Harrison, Mike McKnight, Armando Del Rio and Leroy Merlin. Discography includes: Adolescents (1981), Brats in Battalions (1987), Balboa Fun*Zone (1988), OC Confidential (2005), The Fastest Kid Alive (2011), Presumed Insolent (2013), La Vendetta... (2014) and Manifest Density (2016). Tours include: Adolescents, Europe Tour, Golden Voice 30th Anniversary Show, Inland Invasion II, Presumed Insolent Tour, South Am�rica Tour 2015 and Vans Warped Tour 2017.