Antiseen (often stylized as ANTiSEEN) is an American punk rock band formed in Charlotte, North Carolina by Jeff Clayton and Joe Young in 1983. Members include; Joe Young, Doug Canipe, Greg Clayton, Dale Duncan, Marlon Cherry, Doug Throgmorton, Thomas O'Keefe, GG Allin, Tripp McNeill, Sir Barry Hannibal, Byron "Spitbubble" McDonald, Lee "Flea" Howard, Steve Sadler, Brad Keeter, Bill Cates, Mitch Cooper, Joe Williams, Dana "Ace" Davis, Jon Bowman, Phil Keller, Jeff Clayton, Mad Brother Ward, Barry Hannibal, The Gooch. Discography includes; Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be (1980), Eat My Fuc (1984), You'll Never Tame Me (1985), You Give Love a Bad Name (1987), Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies (1988), The Suicide Sessions (1989), Murder Junkies (1991), Carnival of Excess: Limited Edition (1991), Brutality and Bloodshed for All (1993), A Killing Tradition (2013).