Autopsy - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Autopsy is a death metal band, founded in 1987 in the United States by Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler. They disbanded in 1995, but reunited in 2009. members include; Chris Reifert, Eric Cutler, Danny Coralles, Joe Trevisano, Eric Eigard, Steve.... Show More Cutler, Ken Sorvari, Josh Barohn, Freeway Migliore, Dan Lilker. Dsicography includes; Severed Survival (1989), Mental Funeral (1991), Acts of the Unspeakable (1992), Shitfun (1995), Macabre Eternal (2011), The Headless Ritual (2013), Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves (2014). Tours include; Celebrate the Chaos, Death is the only Mortal Record Release Tour, Enslave America 2016, European Summer Tour 2016, Fury Tour 2016, No Time To Bleed Tour 2010, The Carry the Flame Tour, The Coffin Dragger Tour North America 2016, The Concrete Confessional World Tour, The Hate Across America Tour, The Slaughter Survivors Tour 2012, The Stronger Than Faith Tour, Tune Low Die Slow 2015. Show Less