Chthonic - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Chthonic (sometimes typeset ChthoniC or ChThoniC) is a Taiwanese heavy metal band, formed in 1995 in Taipei. Members include; Freddy Lim, Jesse Liu, Doris Yeh, CJ Kao, Dani Wang. Discography Includes; 祖靈之流 (Where the Ancestors' Souls Gathered) (1999), 靈魄之界 (9th Empyrean) (2000), 永劫輪迴 (Relentless Recurrence) (2002), 賽德克巴萊 (Seediq Bale) (2005), 十殿 (Mirror of Retribution) (2009), 高砂軍 (Takasago Army) (2011), 武德 (Bu-Tik) (2013). Tours include; 20th Anniversary Concert "Defend the Country", Heavy-Armed Tour, Japan Tour with Lamb of God, Khaos Over Europe Tour 2011, Mirror of Retribution, North American Khaos Tour 2011, Ozzfest 2007, Paganfest America 2014, Raiding of Europe 2013, Relentless for 7 Years, Satyricon World - Europa 2013, TAKASAGO ARMY Full Set TOUR, Takasago Army Tour, The Way Of Ian-Bu, United Kingdom of Heavy Metal Tour 2010.