Combichrist - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Combichrist is an American aggrotech band formed in 2003 by Norwegian Andy LaPlegua. Members have included Andy LaPlegua, Joe Letz, Eric13, Brent Ashley, Nick Rossi, Trevor Friedrich, Tiffany Lowe, Wes Borland, Jon Horton, Shaun F, Kourtney Klein, Mr. Bjoern Petersen, Syn M, Abbey Nex and Z_Marr. Discography includes: The Joy of Gunz (2003), Everybody Hates You (2005), What the Fuck is Wrong With You People? (2007), Today We Are All Demons (2009), Making Monsters (2010), No Redemption (Official DmC: Devil May Cry Soundtrack) (2013), We Love You (2014) and This Is Where Death Begins (2016). Tours include: Blood, Lust, Death, Coal Chamber Headlining Tour, Coal Chamber Headlining Tour (Off-Date), Demons on Tour, Evolution Tour, get your body beat, Hau Ruck Zuck World Tour, Make Europe Great Again!, Monsters On Tour, Monsters on Tour: Part II, Old School EBM Show, Sent To Destroy You On Tour 2008, This Is Where Death Begins, This tour will fuck you up, US Tour Fall 2016, We Love Tour, We Love Tour Part II and What The Fuck Is Wrong With This Tour?.