Dave Hause - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Dave Hause (born March 12, 1978) is an American singer-songwriter who has played in multiple Philadelphia, PA area punk and hardcore bands. He currently performs solo as well as sings and plays guitar in The Loved Ones and The Falcon. Discography Includes; Resolutions (Paper + Plastick, 2011), Devour (Rise Records, 2013), Bury Me in Philly (Rise Records, 2017). Tours include; Australia Tour 2013, Bury Me In Philly Full Band European Tour, Bury Me In Philly North American Tour, Bury Me In Philly Record Release Tour, Canada Tour 2011, Canada Tour w/ Bouncing Souls, December 2010 Australia/NZ Tour, Devour, Devour Promo/ In-Store Tour US, European Tour 2012 w/ Gaslight Anthem, European Tour Fall 2017, European Tour Summer 2012, Green 17 Tour, January 2011 UK Tour, North America Summer Tour 2015, November 2014 Tour, October 2010 US Tour, Red Bull soundselect, September 2017 US Tour, Spring 2011 Tour, Spring 2015 Tour, Summer 2011 Tour, Summer 2012 Tour w/ Gaslight Anthem, Summer 2013 Tour, Summer 2014 Tour, Summer 2017 North American Tour, Summer European Tour 2017 , The Flinch Video Shoot, The Revival Tour 2009, The Revival Tour 2011, The Revival Tour 2012, The Revival Tour 2013, The Vox Populi Tour, UK/EU Devour Tour, UK/EU Spring Tour 2012, UK/EU Tour 2013, Winter Tour 2011.