Dead To Fall - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Dead to Fall is a metalcore band from the Chicago suburbs and later stretched from Chicago to Minneapolis. Formed in 1999. Members include; Jonathan Hunt, Daniel Craig, Justin Jakimiak, Antone Jones, Bryan Lear, Aaron Cosgrove, Andy Dalen, Matt Hartman, Brad King, Evan Kaplan, Seth Nichols, Matt Matera, Aaron Nelson, Chris Nolan, Logan Kelly, Phil Merriman, Chad Fjerstad, Timothy Java. Discography includes; Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces (September 10, 2002), Villainy & Virtue (September 14, 2004), The Phoenix Throne (April 4, 2006), Are You Serious? (February 19, 2008). Tours include; PETA2 Compassion Over Fashion, The Funeral for Yesterday Tour.