Death Angel - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Death Angel is an American thrash metal band from Concord, California, formed in 1982. Members have included Rob Cavestany, Mark Osegueda, Ted Aguilar, Will Carroll, Damien Sisson, Dennis Pepa, Gus Pepa, Andy Galeon, Chris Kontos and Sammy Diosdado. Discography includes: The Ultra-Violence (1987), Frolic Through the Park (1988), Act III (1990), The Art of Dying (2004), Killing Season (2008), Relentless Retribution (2010), The Dream Calls for Blood (2013) and The Evil Divide (2016). Tours include: Act III, Bound by the Road Tour, Earth Is On Hell, Earth Is On Hell (Off-Date), European Tour 2010, European Tour 2013, Frolic Through The Park, Halo of Blood Over North America 2014, In Thrash We Trust, Japan Tour 1991, Killing North America 2010, Killing Season Tour, No Mercy Festival 2003, No Mercy Festival Tour, North American Kairos Tour 2012, North American Retribution Tour 2011, Pandemonium, Relentless Retribution South East Asian Tour 2011, Relentless Retribution Tour, Relentless World Tour � Summer 2011, Relentless World Tour / The Ultra-Violence 2012, Sonic Retribution Tour 2010, Sonic Retribution: Eastern Europe Tour 2011, The Dream Calls For Blood Tour, The Evil Divide, The Evil Divide Across Europe 2017, The Pandemonium Tour 2015, The Panic Broadcast, The Tour Calls for Blood Europe 2015, The Ultra Violence 2012, The Ultra-Violence, The Ultra-Violence 25th Anniversary Tour, The Ultra-Violence North American Tour 2012, Thrash Domination '04, Thrashfest 2010, United Thrash Nation Tour 2014 and WinTour 2003.