Decrepit Birth - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Decrepit Birth is an American technical death metal band from Santa Cruz, California, formed in 2001. Members have included Bill Robinson, Matt Sotelo, Sean Martinez, Sam Paulicelli, KC Howard, Dan Eggers, Mike Turner, Tim Yeung, Kevin Talley, Erlend Caspersen and Risha Eryavec. Discography includes: ...And Time Begins (2003), Diminishing Between Worlds (2008), Polarity (2010) and Axis Mundi (2017). Tours include: 1st Annual AZ MetalFest, Carnival Is Forever NA Tour 2011, Carnival of Death, Devastation on the Nation Tour 2017, Hell in July, Monsters of Death Tour 2009, Occupation Domination 2012, Summer Slaughter 2009, Summer Slaughter 2010, The Decibel Defiance Tour 2010, The Planetary Depravity Tour and The Summer Slaughter Tour 2014.