Downtown Fiction - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Downtown Fiction is an American alternative rock/pop punk band from Fairfax, Virginia. Members include; Cameron Leahy, David Pavluk, Wes Dimond, Kyle Rodgers, Devin Cooper, Eric Jones. Discography Includes; The Downtown Fiction (EP) (2009), Best I Never Had (EP) (2010), The Double (EP) (2010), Let's Be Animals (2011), Pineapple (EP) (2011), Losers & Kings (2014), Alligator Tears (EP) (2016). Tours include; Circuit Fest: Music & Skate, Friday Is Forever, Glamour Kills 2011 Tour, Next Generation Fest 2, Rexona Teens Eksis Abis w/ A Rocket To THe Moon, Hey Monday, Rock Show at the End of the World, Rockshow at the end of the world tour, The Other Side Tour, The Outsiders Tour, The Rockshow At The End Of The World Tour, The Travellin' Show, w/ Yellowcard.