Drive By Truckers - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Drive By Truckers are an alternative country/Southern rock band based in Athens, Georgia, formed in 1996. Members have included Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, Brad Morgan, Jay Gonzalez, Matt Patton, Shonna Tucker, Jason Isbell, Spooner Oldham, Earl Hicks, Rob Malone, Matt Lane, Adam Howell, Barry Sell and John Neff. Discography includes: Gangstabilly (1998), Pizza Deliverance (1999), Southern Rock Opera (2001), Decoration Day (2003), The Dirty South (2004), A Blessing and a Curse (2006), Brighter Than Creation�s Dark (2008), The Big To-Do (2010), Go-Go Boots (2011), English Oceans (2014) and American Band (2016). Tours include: A Blessing And A Curse, American Band, Brighter Than Creation's Dark, Darkened Flags, English Oceans, Fall 2012 Tour, Go-Go Boots, In-Store Session, Radio Session, Rock and Roll Means Well, The Big To-Do, The Dirt Underneath, The Dirty South, The Home Front Tour, The Outsiders World Tour and Ugly Building, Whores And Politicians.