Erra - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Erra is an American progressive metalcore band from Birmingham, Alabama, formed in 2009. Members have included Alex Ballew, Jesse Cash, Sean Price, J.T. Cavey, Adam Hicks, Garrison Lee, Alan Rigdon and Ian Eubanks. Discography includes: Impulse (2011), Augment (2013) and Drift (2016). Tours include: 2014 United States Tour, Divide the Sea On Tour With Erra, Glass Cloud 2014 Headliner Tour, Happiness In Self Destruction Summer 2016, Legends of the Fall, MyChildren My Bride, Death of An Era, Polaris North America 2015, Polaris North American 2015, Spring 2017, Sumerian Records 10 Year Tour, The Frozen Flame Tour, The Predatour and w/ Glass Cloud.