Eyehategod - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Eyehategod (also abbreviated and referred to as EHG) is an American sludge metal band from New Orleans who formed in 1988. Members include; Jimmy Bower, Mike Williams, Brian Patton, Gary Mader, Aaron Hill, Joey LaCaze, Steve Dale, Mark Schultz, Vince LeBlanc, Daniel Nick. Discography includes; In the Name of Suffering (1990), Take as Needed for Pain (1993), Dopesick (1996), Confederacy of Ruined Lives (2000), Eyehategod (2014). Tours include; Boston to New Orleans, Europe is the New Vietnam, European Tour 2013, ropean Tour 2015, IN the Name of Suffering, Inferno Festival 2010, Staggering Backward European Tour Summer 2015, The Return of Mike IX, War of the Gargantuans Tour, World Demise.