Gary Numan - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Gary Anthony James Webb (born 8 March 1958), known professionally as Gary Numan, is an English singer, songwriter, composer, musician and record producer. Born in Hammersmith, West London. Discography includes; The Pleasure Principle (1979), Telekon (1980), Dance (1981), I, Assassin (1982), Warriors (1983), Berserker (1984), The Fury (1985), Strange Charm (1986), Metal Rhythm (1988), Outland (1991), Machine + Soul (1992), Sacrifice (1994) (Dawn in the U.S.), Exile (1997), Pure (2000), Jagged (2006), Dead Son Rising (2011), Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind) (2013), Savage (Songs from a Broken World) (2017), Tubeway Army (1978), Replicas (1979), Automatic (1989) (with Bill Sharpe as Sharpe & Numan), Human (1995) (with Michael R. Smith). Tours include; 2002 One-Off Show, 2009 Australia Tour, 2009 UK Tour (1st Leg), 2009 UK Tour (2nd Leg), 2010 Summer Tour, 2013 US Tour, 2014 Splinter Tour, 25th Anniversary Shows, 3 Nights, Back To The Phuture, Ben & Jerry's Sundae Festival, Berserker Tour, Birthday Gig, Convergence, Daytrotter Session, Dead Moon Falling, Dead Son Rising, Dream Corrosion, DV8 Festival, Exhibition Tour, Exile Tour (European Leg), Exile Tour (North American Leg), Exile Tour (UK Leg), Farewell Concerts, Golden Plains Festival, Jagged Launch Gig, Jagged Tour (2007 Leg), Jagged Tour (2008 Leg), Jagged Tour (European Leg), Jagged Tour (North American Leg), Jagged Tour (UK Leg), Liberator Tour, Machine + Soul, Machine Music Tour 2012, Metal Rhythm Tour, Pure Tour (European Leg), Pure Tour (North American Leg), Pure Tour (UK Leg), Replicas 2008, Sacrifice Tour, Sonisphere 2010 warm up, Splinter Showcase, Splinter Tour (North American Leg), Splinter Tour (UK Leg), Teletour (English Leg), Teletour (North American Leg), Teletour 2006, Tension 2013, The Assassin Tour, The Emotion Tour, The Fury Tour, The Isolate Tour, OMD Tour, The Outland Tour, The Pleasure Principle 2009, The Pleasure Principle 2010, The Pleasure Principle 2011, The Premiere Tour, The Savage UK Tour, The Skin Mechanic Tour, The Touring Principle (Australian Leg), The Touring Principle (English Leg), The Touring Principle (European Leg), The Touring Principle (Japanese Leg), The Touring Principle (North American Leg), V96 Warm Up, Warriors Tour, Weekender (1st 2004 Leg), Weekender (2002 Leg), Weekender (2003 Leg), Weekender (2nd 2004 Leg).