Glenn Hughes - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Glenn Hughes is an English rock bassist and vocalist, best known for playing bass and performing vocals for funk rock pioneers Trapeze, the Mk. III and IV line-ups of Deep Purple, as well as briefly fronting Black Sabbath in the mid-1980s. Discography includes: Play Me Out (1977), L.A. Blues Authority Volume II: Glenn Hughes � Blues (1992), From Now On... (1994), Feel (1995), Addiction (1996), The Way It Is (1999), Return of Crystal Karma (2000), A Soulful Christmas (2000), Building the Machine (2001), Songs in the Key of Rock (2003), Soul Mover (2005), Music for the Divine (2006), First Underground Nuclear Kitchen (2008) and Resonate (2016). Tours include: 2016 World Tour, Addiction Tour, An Evening With Glenn Hughes, Autumn 2010 UK Tour, Classic Deep Purple Live, Deep Purple Convention, European Tour 2015, First Underground Nuclear Kitchen Tour, From Now On, Legends of Rock Tour, Music for the Divine Tour, Resonate, Return of Crystal Karma Tour, Russian Tour 2012, Songs in the Key of Rock Tour, Soul Mover Tour, South American Tour 2015, Summer 2011 European Tour, The Essence of Rock Tour 99, The Voices of Classic Rock, Voices of Classic Rock and White Nights Festival.