Godflesh - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Godflesh are an English industrial metal band from Birmingham, formed in 1988. Members have included Justin Broadrick, G. C. Green, Paul Neville, Robert Hampson, Bryan Mantia, Ted Parsons, Steve Hough, Diarmuid Dalton and Paul Raven. Discography includes: Streetcleaner (1989), Pure (1992), Selfless (1994), Songs of Love and Hate (1996), Us and Them (1999), Hymns (2001) and A World Lit Only by Fire (2014). Tours include: 2014 Summer Tour, 2014 US Tour, 2015 Australian Tour, A World Lit Only by Fire, Grindcrusher 1991, Hymns, Post-Reunion Shows, Pure, Selfless and Songs of Love and Hate.