Grand Magus - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Grand Magus are a three-piece heavy metal band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Members include; Janne "JB" Christoffersson, Mats "Fox" Skinner, Ludwig "Ludde" Witt, Fredrik "Trisse" Liefendahl, Sebastian "SEB" Sippola. Discography includes; Grand Magus (2001), Monument (2003), Wolf's Return (2005), Iron Will (2008), Hammer of the North (2010), Triumph and Power (2014). Tours include; Doomed Trinity Tour, Grand Magus Tour 2012, Hammer of Cologne, Hammer of The North Tour 2010, Hammer Of The North Tour 2012, Hunting Across Europe, Monument Tour, Rock Revelation Tour 2014, Surtur Rising European Tour, Sword Songs Tour 2017, The Hunt, UK & Ireland Tour, UK Satanist Tour 2014.